Quick question, help? What do you believe is the motive for any Government to want to control healthcare.? I am one guy who is deeply into fashion. I buy fabric all the time, who can I get to make them into clothes? How can I help make a 1 year old more comfortable being away from her mother? Can somebody please give me examples of metaphors, similies, personification, and symbolism in "The Red Pony"? Who thinks florida state will win title game again? Why will no one employ me? "The Jewish holy books are too old to have anything useful to say to modern people"? I want to change my email address? what websites do i go to to autition for a movie? Inferences and observations of evolution? Does anyone know what synesthesia means? I like a senior guy and I'm a freshman? Help im addicted to porn? Are there any stores in garden city Westfield Mt gravatt Qld Brisbane hiring at the moment? What are some differences and similarities between Aristotle's and Antoine Lavoisier's views on the elements? 97 mustang with some mods what do you think? would it hang with a stock 99-04 mustang gt? Argumentative essay-- Horse ridng IS a sport!!? So why doesn't Kent Hovind have a Nobel Prize or two? My prayer life is dry..what do i do? I need help making a decision on whether I should continue to pursue golf?

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