very very funny resignation letter. long one. but true. dont miss? Why will no one employ me? Would eliminating Welfare have the same kind of effects on National Spending as raising taxes? SAT essays, how long should they be? I am vegan, can I take doxycycline? (I'd like answers from vegans, please)? Midwife or Labor? what are ten reasons we should recycle? what websites do i go to to autition for a movie? I am trying to find a new salary job. Do websites such as MonsterCareerbuilder work? Inferences and observations of evolution? John Milton's sonnet XIX? Can I get help from the police department to stop using alcohol and intoxicants without going to jail? What is the point of an AA degree before going to a 4-year college? How has hip hop affected your life? I don't know what to do: How do I pick a college? Rosie the Riveter=Propaganda? Why are the vast majority of you extreme right wingers? How to get a job with Microsoft as a Windows 8 "Evangelizer"? algebra/slope help PLEASE HELP AHH? What should I do to get into UCLA?

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